Products and Services

We are specialized in the field of Medical Diagnostic Reagents and Kits for use in medical labs, clinics and hospitals. We supply an extensive range that includes:

  • Latex related kits, indirect hemo-agglutination, carbon antigens (serology)
  • Blood grouping and rare sera (blood banking)
  • Coagulation and D-Dimer reagents (hematology)
  • Stained bacterial antigens, blood culture bottles (febrile antigens - microbiology).
  • Rapid tests and urine reagent strips (lateral flow immunoassay and dry chemistry).
  • Stains for microbiology and histopathology
  • ELISA kits (infectious diseases and hormones)
  • Clinical chemistry (biochemistry)
  • Drug-of-Abuse and alcohol tests (Toxicology)
  • Home (OTC) Tests: Fertility Home Tests & General Health Screening Tests.

Many of these items fulfill the day-to-day requirements of most medical labs. The OTC range is directed towards the pharmacies and chemists market and intended for home use. Detailed listing of standard production items is available in our product list.

In addition to our standard product list, we are capable of offering OEM, private labeling and R&D services to customers according to their needs.  




Technical Support

For any inquiries and product assistance please contact us