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Atlas Medical provides a range of home tests that have been specifically CE marked for OTC use. The range includes fertility tests (Pregnancy, Ovulation and Menopause). These tests come in cassette and midstream formats, but strip format can also be supplied. The home tests range also includes other medical conditions such as liver function, kidney function, diabetes and urine tract infection. These tests are based on urine reagent strips. Each kit comes with 2 individually pouched strips and easy to read instructions for use. All kits are packed in attractively designed boxes with various languages. Atlas Medical also supplies these kits under OEM arrangements. 

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Cat No Description
70004001 Atlas Home Diabetes Test, 2 Tests/Box
70021001 Atlas Home Urinary Tract Infection Test, 2 Tests/Box
70022001 Atlas Home Kidney Function Test, 2 Tests/Box
70023001 Atlas Home Liver Function Test, 2 Tests/Box
70170001 Atlas Home Pregnancy Test Cassette, 1 Test/Box
70172001 Atlas Home Pregnancy Test Midstream, 1 Test/Box
70174001 Atlas Home Ovulation Test Cassette, 5 Tests/Box
70175001 Atlas Home Ovulation Test Midstream, 3 Tests/Box
70177001 Atlas Home Menopause Test Cassette, 1 Test/Box
70178001 Atlas Home Menopause Test Midstream, 1 Test/Box
70180001 Atlas Home Pregnancy Test Strip (With Handle), 1 Test/Box
70171001 Atlas Home Pregnancy Test Strip 1 Test/Box
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